What is ASO & How to do it for Organic App Growth?

App store optimization ASO is a famous word when it comes to mobile app marketing. If you are new to mobile app marketing, then it is something you have to know very well. All mobile marketers are trying to improve their app visibility. App store optimization is something that has already proven its capability to provide maximum app store success. 

What is ASO – App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of your mobile app within the app store and increases its conversion rate. As you all know, two popular app stores are Google play store and IOS. In addition to improving visibility, App store optimization can increase.

  • Number of app downloads
  • Better brand exposure
  • Audience engagement
  • Positive app reviews

You can optimize your mobile app by using proper keywords in your app description, title, and name. There are other techniques that you can use to optimize your mobile app for app stores. You will learn more about app store optimization from this article.

Why is ASO – App Store Optimization essential for your app?

App store optimization is something that lets your mobile app reach the right users. Most people search on the mobile app store to find the mobile app they want. The best way to take your mobile app to your target audience is to use the right strategies to make it more visible.

  • ASO improve your app visibility

As the number of Mobile users increased recently, the demand for mobile apps also got increased. People now depend on the mobile app for their day-to-day activities. There are millions of mobile apps available in the app store. To make your mobile app visible to the target audience, you might have to incorporate a suitable marketing strategy. ASO can help your app to stand out from the competition and more downloads.

  • ASO helps to improve targeted marketing

Just by improving visibility, you can’t get enough downloads. App store optimization will help you to include relevant keywords and get your app to the right users. You need to find the search terms people will use to find your app from the app store. Include these keywords within your app name or description for better results.

  • ASO helps to improve the number of app downloads

A good ASO strategy will help to improve organic downloads of your mobile app. When the target audience uses certain search term regarding your app, it will get listed under the search result. With regular updating and monitoring, you will be able to implement these strategies better.

  • ASO increases app revenue and conversion rate

 There are various ways to monetize your mobile apps like in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription models. If your app is not visible on any app store, you cannot monetize your mobile app. But if you can make it more visible online by implementing better ASO strategies, it can help you to gain better income out of it. 

How to do ASO – App Store Optimization?

Anyone with basic technical knowledge can incorporate ASO into their mobile app. It can help your app to make it more reachable follow these simple steps.

  • Establish a clear app store optimization strategy

First, you need to design a proper app store optimization strategy for your mobile app. It is a crucial factor you need to understand while establishing a marketing strategy. You can use these insights to prepare your app information. You can try to find answers to these questions for a better idea about your customers, such as

What keywords are they using to search about your mobile app?
What language, age group, interest, and geographical area they have in common?

If you have answers to these questions, then you can move further.

  • Right name for your app

The next step is to find a proper app name with relevant keywords. You can choose a title appropriate to the functionality of your app. It should be simple, easy to read, unique, and highly recognizable.  For the Google play store, you can choose a name with 50 characters. IOS allows only 30 characters for your app name. 

  • Keyword research for your mobile app

Next, you need to find proper keywords for your mobile app. Keyword optimization is an ongoing process. You cannot see a significant change initially while implementing these strategies. There are many app store optimization tools available for you to implement keywords. They are working based on Artificial intelligence. You can find high-ranking keywords from app store optimization tools and implement them on your mobile app for better results.

  • App description

The app description is another part where you can optimize your mobile app. It provides extensive information about your mobile app. APP description is the part from where the search engine will rank your app for keywords. It doesn’t mean that you can include all keywords in your description. When you insert keywords to app descriptions, try to add them naturally within sentences. This way, you can make your app description equally attractive for the machine as well as humans. IOs do not count your app description for ranking. But you cannot ignore this part as it plays an essential role in conversion.

  • Get your app icon right.

An app icon is something that can give a first impression to the audience. People see your app icon first, and it should be impressive to them. It is one of the main reasons that make people click on your mobile app. When you design an icon for your mobile app, make it simple and attractive to convey your message visually. You can do your analysis and find out how other apps in your niche designed their app icon. Initially, you can have more than one design and do A/B testing to find out which icon works for your mobile app. 

  • Add app screenshots and demo videos.

App screenshots and videos give a better first impression of your mobile app. Videos and images are more convincing and have a high conversion rate. You can explain the functionality of your mobile app through these screenshots and demo videos. 50% of people decide to download a mobile app from the first impression they get from your mobile app. Through well-designed screenshots, you can tell a convincing visual story about your mobile app. Don’t miss this chance to impress your target audience. 

  • App listing and geo-targeting

You can list your app with local directories to target a local audience. Geo-targeting is also essential to get more reach to your mobile app within your target audience. If you plan to target people of a specific location, try to add metadata, keywords, and screenshots to their regional language. A user values an app when it is available in their local language. This way, you can improve your app’s local reach and popularity among your target audience.

  • Add app reviews 

Reviews and ratings play an essential role in building a better brand name among the target audience. 80% of mobile users read reviews before downloading a mobile app. Feedback from users plays an essential role in getting more conversion rates. You can request your users to provide their feedback and reviews about the app. This feedbacks can help others to understand more about your app. It can also encourage your target audience to download the app that increases your conversion rate.


ASO – App store optimization is something that you cannot avoid if you want to see a better turnaround for your mobile app. Customers always want to find the best app that can make their life easy. If you can convince them by following the above steps, it can be easy to make them believe in your app. Like the design of your mobile app, app store optimization is equally essential for the growth of your mobile app. Share your experiences and thoughts about app store optimization without an audience below.

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