Well Tested 15 Mobile App Marketing Suggestions For Success

Mobile apps are getting popular nowadays. There are more than 5 million apps now in Google Play Store and Apple store. Most business needs a mobile app to improve its visibility and engage their audience. They spend money on creating powerful mobile apps that can make the life of their customers easy. Creating a mobile app is an easy task with the help of skilled app developers. But what needs to be done, to ensure the reach of the mobile app within the target audience. After creating a mobile app for your business, you might be thinking of the next step to improve its reach between the audience. It is a complete guide that lets you understand the importance of mobile app marketing and some well-tested tips to take your mobile app marketing to the next level. 

Why is Mobile App Marketing Important?

It is not easy to get the visibility you want among millions of mobile apps. The competition between apps in the same niche is very high nowadays. Every marketer is now trying to make their app outstanding and engage their audience by trying new strategies. As the number of smartphone users raised in the past few years, every brand needs to reach out to their customers with new offers and promotions. It is where mobile apps play a crucial role in the growth of a business. Building an app is an easy task. But it is not easy to market these apps with the right marketing strategies. 

15 Mobile App Marketing Suggestion for your Success

  1. Create an app landing page

Every mobile app needs to have an impressive landing page with all relevant information about it. The landing page is something that provides a first impression to the customers. You can include app features, logos, demo videos, and all other information to make your app attractive to your customers. Make your app’s landing page clean, simple, and informative to work well with all types of browsers. App landing pages are a powerful way to attract customers to your business and encourage them to use the app. Take your time a design a compelling app landing page that can reflect your app moto well.

  1. Get your app reviewed

Reviews and ratings have a crucial role in increasing your app’s value in the market. Customers always search for reviews before using a mobile app. Some websites review mobile apps in every niche.  They will write a detailed review of your app’s features and give a rating based on the performance. User reviews are also great to show the specialty of a mobile app. When professional reviewers write about your app, it will help you to increase credibility in the market. When someone reviews your app, it will not be always positive. There can be negative reviews also. All you need to do is read the reviews carefully and respond to all types of reviews positively. Negative reviews will also help you to make necessary changes to your app to provide good service to your customers. 

  1. App store optimization

App store optimization is something that will help you to be visible in the app store. There may be thousands of app from the same niche. It is hard to get noticed among these apps. App store optimization is just like search engine optimization. Use keywords in your app description to rank your content to the top of search results. The higher the rank, the more exposure your app will get. App store optimization is something every app needs to be done to get noticed among 2 million mobile apps from the app store.

  1. Attract an audience with videos

Video marketing is an essential strategy for brands to engage their audience. More than 80% of customers like to watch videos about their favorite brands. Videos can convey any complex messages simply. Brands can make use of this tool to connect with their audience. Demo videos are useful to help customers and show them the easy ways to use your app. Create videos to promote your app and share it on all popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. Videos can be anything like training videos, product demos, and tutorials. These videos can help your customers use your app easily. Create short descriptive videos that last for 60 secs for your brand promotion. You will see how they can increase the website traffic immediately.

  1. App store ads

App store ad is a helpful way for brands to showcase their app to the target customers. Paid app store ads will help to rank your mobile app on the top of the search result. It will increase the number of app downloads and the popularity of your mobile app. Most customers prefer to choose the top search result. It will give you a chance to get as many clicks as possible. Rest everything will depend on the convenience of use and the performance of your mobile app. 

  1. Have social media presence

Social media is a powerful tool that can help to improve the visibility of your brand. It is always good to have a social media presence to show the existence of your app. Customers follow the social media pages of their favorite brand to get any updates regarding it. Besides, to increase visibility, social media can provide more valuable insights about the app users. You will be able to learn more about their interests, demographics, and hobbies. This date can help you to create more customized strategies for your marketing campaign. Use social media to interact with your customers and inform them of every small change that happens regarding your brand to get better results.

  1. Influencer marketing

Influencers are powerful to change the buying decision of their followers through their words. Brands can use influencers from their niche to promote the mobile app. Customers will always try to follow the opinion or suggestions of someone they trust. The majority of marketers believe that influencer marketing attracts high-quality customers to their brand. When you choose influencers to promote your brand, try to find someone who can genuinely work for your brand. You will see a large change in the number of downloads once they started the app promotion. 

  1. Push notifications

Push notifications are useful to engage your customers and retain your existing users within your app. Smartphone users receive so many notifications a day. It is hard to make them notice a push notification and make them take any required action. Do not try to spam your customer’s smartphone with unnecessary push notifications. When you so advertising through push notifications, try to provide something useful to your customers. All you are doing is providing valuable information to your customers through marketing push notifications. 

  1. Content marketing 

Content marketing is an effective way to provide valuable information to their customers. Whenever someone wants to get the solution to their problem, they will immediately search online. Having a blog will help you to bring value, build trust and customer loyalty. If brands can provide useful information to their customers and engage them through engaging articles, it can help you to generate good market value. You can create content on social media, blogs, or videos to spread the message to your audience. Use content marketing to show what your app does, how they can use it for their benefits, and your brand message for your audience.

  1. Use A/B testing

A/B testing is something that can help an app to find out suitable strategies to promote your brand. When you create marketing strategies based on the target audience, it is not always enough to get the result you want. Some marketing strategies may work, and others might not. So, the best way to find out effective marketing strategies to grow your business is by using A/B testing. You can use different marketing strategies and track the results to find out the suitable marketing strategy that works for your brand. Use expert marketer’s opinions and try them for your brand. It will help you to find out what works and whatnot for your mobile app.

  1. Use media support

Media support is essential to promote your brand within your target audience. Have a group of media friends who can help you with all kinds of promotions. Promoting your mobile app on media will help to build better credibility and market exposure for your mobile app. Convey genuine messages to your customers and try to impress them towards your mobile app. Local media can help you in advertising your business among the local audience. Reach out to local radio stations and print media to convey your message to your customers effectively. It is always an effective strategy to have an online as well as offline presence to get a good conversion for your mobile app.

  1. Concentrate on other app stores

You can concentrate on other app stores to improve the number of downloads of your mobile app. Google play store and apple store are the most concentrated app stores that are popular among customers. But you need to know other app stores where you need to publish and market your app. It can increase the chance of getting noticed among people who use these app stores rather than two main app stores. Here are some popular app stores to promote your mobile app

  • Amazon market place
  • SlideMe
  • OneMobileMarket
  • GetJar
  1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another way to get notices online. You can be a guest blogger for other websites in your niche. Every website accepts valuable and useful content to make its followers happy. When you write content and promote them on different websites on your niche, it will help you to get more visibility to your mobile app. Guest blogging can help to get more quality backlinks, which can affect your website ranking. When you write on other websites, this will allow you to increase your follower base easily. Try to promote your app through your blogs and get the best response from your audience.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is useful for brands to interact with their customers. When it comes to brand promotion, there needs to be many back and forth business emails. Brands can include the app name and link to download the app in their correspondence with the customers. It will help the customers to get the app directly from your email. They do not have to go anywhere else to download your app. 

  1. Give discounts, offers, and Promotions

If you want to increase the number of downloads of your mobile, provide them any rewards, discounts, or offers to your customers. Most brands try to attract customers by giving them special offers and bonuses in return for their actions. You can also use the same strategy for someone who downloads your app. Give them attractive special offers that are irresistible so that they will download your app and use it right away. It is also easy to deliver any customized offers and promotions by researching the customer nature in the app. These offers can help your brand to get better visibility and connection with your customers.  

Final thoughts

There is not a standardized mobile app marketing process that you can follow while advertising your app. It is not easy to get visibility among 2 million apps from the app store. Even though you get as many downloads as you expected, it is hard to retain the existing users. If you have not provided timely updates and offers. The expectation of customers got increased lately.

A mobile app can only survive the market competition if it can provide outstanding customer service and ease of use. Try A/B testing to know the perfect strategies that work for your brand and get the result you want. If you are already familiar with any effective mobile app marketing strategies other than the above-listed ones, share them with us here.

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