You can now Become Successful with these Mobile App Marketing Tips

Mobile apps are one of the essential marketing options to make your customers happy. 70% of the global population owns a smartphone, and they prefer to do their shopping. So mobile apps are essential for brand promotion as everyone likes to use their mobile device for online shopping. All mobile users prefer to use mobile apps as they do not have to use the web address to find products or services from your brand.

Competition between apps also got increased over the years. There will be thousands of apps in your niche, and it is not easy to stand out among these apps. Around 1.2 million apps are there on Google Play and the Apple store. Among them, 70,000 apps are not updated after their release, which is considered a bad idea for its credibility. The audience prefers to choose apps that are updated and active.

Here are some powerful tips for you to become a successful mobile app marker

What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the process of promoting apps by creating a marketing campaign to improve the reach among the target audience. Most brands are now trying to reach their customers on the devices they use most. The best way to do that is to spend time creating an excellent mobile app. Mobile app marketing is a long process, where you can promote your mobile app, increase the number of app downloads, and other marketing apps KPI.

Mobile App Marketing Tips

Top 15 mobile app marketing tips 

  1. Build an app landing page

Landing pages are a useful tool that can navigate your customers throughout the website. The landing page of your app is essential as it gives the first impression of your business. You can provide information about the app with a clean, user-friendly, and attractive design that works well with all browsers. You can include a description of your app with a strong call to action to encourage your customers to download the app. When you design the landing page, spend some time on design, graphics, and images to attract your audience’s attention. Urge them to take a look at all features your app can provide and download the app ultimately.

  1. Get your app reviewed

Some websites review all apps from the app store. Professionals will use these apps and write reviews for people who want to know the benefits of using the app. Customers nowadays prefer to read reviews before downloading apps. These reviews and ratings have the potential to change the user’s decision. You can find out top websites that write reviews about the apps in your niche. Tell them to use the app and write reviews for you. Professional app reviewers write more professional reviews that can convince people to download and use your app. They will include the best features, pros, and cons about your app and give a final rating. Positive reviews are useful to attract new customers to your brand. You can positively respond to negative reviews to show your customers that you listen to their genuine reviews.

  1. Reach out to Influencers 

Influencers are those people who can influence the buying decision of the customers. Choose someone in your niche to promote your app online through various social media platforms. Developing a professional mutual relationship with popular influencers can help you to take your business promotion to the next level.  When you use influencers for your brand, be sure to pick one who has the potential to convince your customers to buy your product. Customers already know that influencers are getting the payment for the work they do. So when you convey your business information to influencers, try to be genuine and present relevant for influencers and your customers. When you give money or some offer in return for the work they did for you, we recommend finding someone who values your business.

  1. Leverage your website for promotion

If your brand owns a mobile-optimized website, then use your website for your brand promotion. If you provide product and service details on your webpage, use your website to promote your app. Your customers will get to know about the app when they visit your site and download it for a better experience. You can leave a part of your mobile website to display app information. The most common way to add app information is by using pop-ups, including the link of your app and a call-to-action to let the audience take any action. When you add app information in the middle of a webpage, you will get as many downloads as your customers who visit your website. 

  1. Guest blogging

You can start to do guest blogging to attract a new audience to your brand. Guest blogging is an old marketing strategy, that can help a business to introduce its brand to a new set of audiences. Brands can write blogs on popular websites to introduce your app to their customers. Guest blogging is an inbound marketing strategy that can help to build better app visibility and trust within the audience. Guest blogging may not help you to get millions of downloads, but you will be able to attract at least a few new mobile app users. As per the latest research, inbound marketing 93% of businesses benefitted from inbound marketing. It may take some time for you to establish yourself as a guest blogger. But you can impress the audience by providing useful information to your customers and include the link of your website within your blog. 

  1. App marketing agencies

There are marketing agencies that can help you to promote your mobile apps by creating effective strategies. They will have the right tools, marketing strategies, and expertise to help with your app promotion. Mobile app marketing agencies will have a team of experts who have previous experience in promoting apps within the target audience. It is the best approach to hire professionals to promote your mobile app if you have not seen any success by implementing your marketing strategies. By running your marketing strategies by trial and error method might take more time and waste your money. The best thing you can do is to find any marketing agency that can work for you to create effective campaigns.  

  1. App store optimization

App store optimization is required to ensure better visibility on the App store. You can include keywords that can help to rank the app higher among thousands of other apps in your niche. There is no point in publishing your app without any optimization. Customers will not even see your app within many other similar apps on the app store. So the best way you can do this is to find out the keywords relevant to your niche and include them in your app description. The high you rank, the better will be your app visibility. You can also include catchy descriptions, catchy icons, and compelling screenshots to convey the selling points and benefits of your app. Giving a better appearance to your app landing page can also help you to get more attention from new mobile app users.

  1. Create video demos

80% of internet traffic prefer to watch videos. It is also known as one of the most effective marketing strategies. You can create a video to promote your app to your target customers by including the benefits and best features.  Make a 60 secs video that is concise and clear to express the way to use the app. You can add a catchy video to engage your customers, and be sure to include a call-to-action to remind the audience to take any action. Videos are a more vital form of content.  Most customers prefer to watch a video to understand a concept better. You can post videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook to reach as many audiences as possible. 

  1. Social media promotion

Social media cannot be avoided while considering a strategy to promote your brand. Most youngsters are now active on social media platforms, and they are finding more information about a brand through social media ads and promotion. You can ensure better app visibility by using social media to provide valuable information about your app. You can publish relevant social media posts by doing better research about your target audience. When you use social media for app promotion, use paid ads, influencer marketing, user-generated content, contests, and quizzes. Use social media to engage your audience by creating engaging marketing campaigns to scale up your app promotion. 

  1. Use marketing email to promote your app

When you send a customized marketing email to your customers, you can include your app information. Email marketing is still a popular way to get more business by engaging customers. Brands will send many emails to your customers regarding a payment, offers, and even an update about a product. You can use your email to show the customers about your app. Include the app name in the footer of the mail with a one-line advertisement. You can also include the link to your app so that customers do not have to search on the web to get the app. Emails are still popular as 90% of customers check their email daily. Make use of this chance to get noticed and get more downloads for your app.

  1. Publish app in the alternative app store

Most app developers concentrate on publishing their apps on Android as well as the Apple store. But there are other app stores where you can launch your app for maximum reach. There are app stores like GetJar, Amazon AppStore, AppsLib, SlideMe, and Opera Mobile Store. As per the latest research, apps published on relatively less popular app stores are most likely to get 200% more downloads compared to the google play store. When you distribute your app on these platforms, use the appropriate promotional option to improve your app reach within your target audience. It will help you to get more downloads and popularity for your app.

  1. Apply for app awards

You can apply for app awards such as BMA to get international recognition if you get a chance to win the best app award. The best way you can improve your app visibility, get better feedback, and build good credit. The possibility of winning the best app award might depend on many factors such as app idea, creativity, ease of use, and so on. Famous app wards are Appy Awards, Appster Awards, OzApp, Apple Design Award, etc. 

  1. Promote your app in-store

The best way to let your audience know about your app is to promote the app in-store. QR code is an excellent way to provide any information to your customers and easy access to your app. You can include the QR code of your app for Google Play and the Apple store to let your customers know about your app. Also, add QR codes to your business card and emails to help customers to access your app easily. 

  1. Respond to all your reviews

You need to respond to all reviews about your app. Engaging with customers can always help a brand to improve the credibility of an app and build trust within the audience. Brands should respond to negative as well as positive reviews from their customers. Many brands leave an automated message to customers with questions and customer reviews. It can impact your ranking score and customer satisfaction. When you respond to your customers, include a customized message to help them to solve their problems. You can apologize if the customers are not satisfied with your service. If your customers are happy with your service, then thank them for their positive reviews. The best way to satisfy your customers is by interacting with them to help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

  1. Integrate social share with the app

Include a social sharing button within your app to encourage more shares. You can include all popular social share buttons such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your customers will share your app if they are satisfied with your service. This way, you can expose your app to a new set of audiences to increase the number of downloads. 

Final words

Mobile app marketing is essential to ensure a maximum number of downloads for your app. All the above mobile app marketing strategies will help you to increase your mobile app reach and downloads. A brand can provide a satisfactory service through their app for better credibility and retain the existing users.

With many app stores and competition among thousands of app in the same niche demands a better promotion to ensure its reach within your target audience. Try these strategies and be successful in your mobile app marketing efforts for a better ROI.

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