Great Advice to Create Mobile App Marketing Easier

Mobile app marketing is a popular marketing tactic that can be used to attract and engage the audience at every stage of the marketing funnel. Marketers try to engage the audience and retain them throughout their entire journey with your app. Every brand nowadays tries to create an app to make their customers’ life easy.

But after creating these apps how can they encourage customers to use these apps?

This is a very complicated situation where you spend a lot of money to create a mobile app and nobody uses it. In such a situation marketers need to develop new strategies to encourage customers to use mobile apps. By giving interesting offers and new features marketers can attract their target audience to the mobile app.

To make your mobile app marketing successful, a lot of planning and well-thought strategies needed. This is a complete guide that can be useful for marketers to make their mobile marketing simple.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the way for brands to ensure their app reach within their target audience. There are five stages in the mobile app marketing funnel, such as 

Exposure/discovery-: During this stage, marketers introduce the app to its potential users.

Consideration-: Engaging customers using marketing messages, promotion, offers, and product information.

Conversion-: Encourage prospective customers to download the app and take any action.

Customer relationship-: Interacting with customers. 

Retention-: During this stage, brands need to ensure that users are happy with the application and brand experience. Brands need to give a flawless user experience to keep using the mobile app.

Why is mobile app marketing essential for a business?

To be successful in this technological world mobile presence is essential. 62% of businesses already have an app or trying to build one for their customers. Of these 62%, 20% of people use it for branding purpose, 30% generate revenue through apps, and 50% of them uses apps to support and engage their customers. Most companies agree to the fact that invest in mobile app marketing can help to generate new or increase existing customers. Global app development spends, $25.1 billion in 2018, and in 2019 it reached around $30 billion in 2019. You might have to face the competition of thousands of similar apps. You have a few seconds to get the attention of the audience and impress them towards your app.

How to Improve your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Great advice to create Mobile App Marketing easier

Once you have launched the app, then the next step is to design a proper mobile app marketing strategy to improve the reach of your mobile app. Customers need to know that you are providing a better opportunity to make their buying journey easy. Here are some tips for you to make your mobile app marketing easy.

  1. SEO strategy

Search engine optimization is essential to promote a mobile app. You can use the right keywords while optimizing the app to get it listed under the top search result. A search engine ready app can stand out from the competition and get more clicks while considering other apps. It is essential to include quality content to get popular among the customers. Before you publish the app to any app store or on your website, you need to include relevant keywords. It takes 60 to 90 days for Google to pick up your website. Include some highly ranked keywords within the app and see how it works for you while getting the search result. Based on the result, you can change your strategies whenever needed.

  1. Influencer marketing

You can hire influencers to promote your app within your target audience. Influencers are powerful to influence the buying decision of the customers through their words. They will have a good number of followers on social media platforms. Brands need to find out the influencers who are successful in their niche and hire them. While you adopt influencer marketing for your app promotion, keep these points in your mind

Choose the right influencer-: When you pick influencers for your brand promotion, make sure to pick the right one from your niche. You need to pick someone who can engage their audience and should have enough active followers. Do your research on the person you choose to influence your customers, like why everyone follows that person and what is so special about him/her. Do not pick a person who cannot express well about your brand and waste your time and money on them.

Make an attractive offer-: If you have decided with the person who promotes your brand, then the next step is to give them an offer. Make sure to provide an irresistible offer. You can give them discounts, products, or any other kind of reward to get them onboard.

Keep your offer simple-: Next step is to hire them to work for your brand promotion. You can give a brief introduction and tell influencers why would you like to work with them. If they get impresses with your offer, collaborate with them, and promote your app to your target audience. 

  1. Create social media profiles

Social media is one of the easiest ways to get found online. When you market an app, social media can help you to improve your reach. You can create social media profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. When you post content on social media platforms, optimize it for search engines. Also, you need to find out the type of content your audience wants and create content based on it. Encourage your customers to follow you on social media for the latest updates from your brand. User-generated contents are also useful to make your audience a part of your promotions. This way, the search engine will value your content and rank it well. 

  1. Promote your app through review sites

There are review websites where you can submit your app to get reviewed. Organic reviews from real customers are helpful to show the benefits of an app. Customers always check reviews of an app before downloading it from the app store. Some websites review apps and new technologies. You can tie up with a popular website and tell them to review your mobile app. Customers can understand the features and benefits of the app from these reviews. Here are some websites that review mobile apps








  1. Make your app easily sharable

Another option to promote your mobile app is to share it on social media and send it to your customers through messages. Referrals are great to make someone download an app. 33% of app downloads happens through referrals. People trust a recommendation from their friends and family, and 92% of people believe in good reviews about an app. Word of mouth is also a good way to ensure the reach of your mobile app with your target audience. You can request your existing customers to include reviews about your app. This way, people who want to download the app can read the reviews and decide whether it is useful or not. Marketers can integrate social media icons and sharing options within their apps and add a call to action that encourages people who use your app to share it with their friends and family. 

  1. App store optimization

Just like social media optimization, there is another term called app store optimization. It is an essential mobile app marketing strategy to ensure better reach to your mobile app. You can optimize the description of your mobile app using the right keyword to get it discovered on the app store. Know the right words that your customers are most likely to use while searching for an app in your niche. By knowing this, you can find out the keywords that can rank your app high. App Store allows you to add 100 characters in the description part of an app, and when it comes to Google Play, they will give you 4000 character limits. Without overstuffing keywords, use them in your content as required to ensure better visibility among similar apps in your niche. 

  1. Promote your app on your website

If you have a mobile-ready website, the best way is to promote your app through your website. Mobile-ready websites are something most customers look for when they search for something on their mobile device. When mobile users visit your website, you can let them know about your mobile app and encourage them to try the app by downloading it from the app store. You can also provide a link to download your app on the mobile website to make their task easy. This way, every brand can ensure the maximum number of downloads from their website visitors. You can also provide the information about your app as a pop-up page to remind them about your app when they come to your website. 

  1. Demo videos

Demo videos are useful to showcase the convenience of using your mobile app. Video marketing is something you cannot avoid in this digital marketing world. Most people nowadays prefer to watch a video rather than text advertisement. The best way to ensure a better return on your advertising effort is to create a demo video for your customers.  Create a demo video of 30 secs length to show the best features of your mobile app. Once after designing the video, you can promote it on social media platforms and your website. Let your customers know about the best things about your app and how to make their shopping experience better. 

  1. Make your app available everywhere

When you promote an app, make it available everywhere. Everywhere in the sense, all app sites and your website. The most popular app stores are Google plat store and app store. But there are other app stores where you can make your app available like




Amazon Appstore


As per One platform foundation, the popularity of and will see an increase of 200% if you can make it available on other app stores compared with Google Play Store. So, make use of the chance to improve the visibility of your app and get as many downloads as possible.

  1. Use social media marketing

Social media cannot exclude when it comes to mobile app marketing. If you are using social media for your brand promotion, then use it again to introduce your mobile app to your customers. Brands use social media to give something new about their brand. You can get a better response by including your app promotion on your brand’s social media page. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media platforms are useful for your brand promotion.  A typical Facebook post has the potential to reach 16% of the follower’s pages. You can make use of this chance to ensure a better reach of your mobile app and encourage your customers to try using the app.

  1. Use QR code

QR codes are popular nowadays as it can provide any information easier. Brands can use QR codes to transfer any information to their customers. You can incorporate QR codes while promoting your mobile app. Include QR code in your website, promotional emails, and business cards using which customers can easily reach your website. They can scan the QR code and download your app easily without searching on the app store. Include a QR code for the Google play store and app store on your website to let your customers get your mobile app easily, without going anywhere. 

Final words

Mobile app marketing can vary from brand to brand. But when you create a mobile app for your customers by spending a lot of money, make sure to work on it to provide better visibility.

Every brand is now creating apps, and it is not easy to create one that can impress customers nowadays. They expect better service to form their brand when they download your mobile app. So, when you build an app for your customers, take your time and give them the best.

There is no use in creating apps if nobody uses them. You can develop new strategies to engage your customers and retain them to use your mobile app. If you already know the secret to promote a mobile app, share it with our readers here.


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