Embrace Mobile App Marketing Utilising These Great Tips

Mobile app marketing embraces a variety of steps that are designed to increase the number of downloads, engage the existing mobile users and retain the users who downloaded the app.  When a brand develops an app, they need to invest time on creating effective strategies to improve its reach with their target audience. In addition to spending so much time and money on building a mobile app, you need to concentrate on making the app more acceptable among your target audience.

Brands need to ensure more conversion by adopting various app marketing strategies. There are marketing agencies that can help you to create an effective marketing campaign to promote your mobile app. But in most cases, the brands will have a marketing team who can handle this task for them. 

If you are new to mobile app marketing, this guide will help you to implement it successfully. You will find many resources about how well you can create a mobile app to be successful. But there are not many resources to find out the best ways to promote a mobile app to ensure better reach within targeted mobile users. 

While reading this article, you will be able to understand various strategies that need to be adopted at different stages, such as app development, launching, and the growing audience. Do your research to find out the target audience of your mobile app to make it more effective. It is an essential step every brand has to do for the app’s success, and it will help you to design research-driven decisions.

See the top 15 mobile app marketing strategies that you can embrace to see a huge increase in the number of downloads of your mobile app. 


  1. Design a better app landing page

App’s landing page is an essential marketing strategy that allows you to learn more about your mobile app. You can add screenshots, app features, and demo videos to impress your target customers to your app. It is also a cost-effective method where you can attract search engines and rank your mobile app better. Visualization can help your customers to understand more about the app’s functionality. Include a link to your mobile app in Apple and Google play store to the landing page with a call to action. Also, add reviews and screenshots of your app to this landing page to make it more attractive. 

  1. App Store Optimization

App store optimization will assist you to improve your app’s visibility on Apple Store and Google play store.  It can attract customers and organic traffic to your website without using any ads. Just like search engine optimization for your website content, you need to optimize your app contents for search engines. Utilize keywords that can help your app rank better in-app store. Also, include screenshots, demo videos to improve its value and make it highly acceptable. Add localized keywords to provide local optimization for your app. There is no point in spending your money on creating an excellent app if no one sees it on the app store. Optimizing your mobile app content for search engines can ensure maximum visibility of your app. Get your app featured on the app store by incorporating appropriate app store optimization techniques. 

  1. Social media marketing

Social media cannot be avoided when you want to ensure maximum reach for your mobile app. As per research, users will spend 22 minutes every day on social media sites. Brands need to guarantee better social presence by posting on various social media platforms regularly. Brands can interact with customers directly using social media platforms and improve the brand presence. You can put all updates regarding your brand on social media channels to improve your social media presents. Help your customers know more about your app by creating blog content, demo videos, white papers, and user-generated content on your social media channels. 

  1. Influencer marketing

90% of customers believe in the authenticity of a mobile app before downloading an app. Influencers are capable of convincing their followers to trust in a brand. Brands can use influencer marketing, where the brands can use influencers to reach their target audience and promote their app brand. During the last few years, influencer marketing is getting more popular among marketers, and many believe that it can bring better results they want. You can reward influencers when they promote your app to their followers. Influencer marketing is one of the best and cost-effective way to get better ROI. You can genuinely present your app to your target users through relevant influencers, who are capable of conveying your message better to their followers. 

  1. Enable push notification

Push notification is useful than sending emails as it has more potential for conversion. 90% of push notifications are opened by users compared to marketing emails. Most customers are finding push notifications useful and engaging. When a brand sends customized push notifications to users, it is best to customize these push notifications to encourage users to take any action. Using a push notification in a well-planned marketing campaign can help you to improve the ROI of your mobile app. You can create a contact calendar to ensure catchy push notifications, value, and messages to the audience within the safe hours for better results. 

  1. Encourage user interaction

Testimonials and reviews are useful for a brand to gain credibility among the customers. When customers post reviews, it can be a positive and negative experience they face while using the app. You need to interact with customers and give them appropriate replies to their reviews to convince them that you are listening to customer’s opinions. If you see a negative review about your app, then take it lightly say sorry for the bad experience they received from your app.  As an app owner, you might want to know more about the feedback of your customers to provide better service. 

  1. Referral marketing

Referral marketing is the way of using strategies to increase the customer base through existing customer networks. Recommendations and word of mouth are the two popular options in this category. Most customers try a new app from recommendations from their friends and families. You can encourage customers to put reviews about their experience of using your app. New app users will read these reviews before downloading any mobile app from the app store. Brands can convert loyal customers as their brand advocates to promote the app. Brands can also give any reward for each download you get from loyal customers, who genuinely share it with their contacts. 

  1. App marketing agency service

An app marketing agency will have expert professionals who can help you to create compelling mobile app marketing strategies. They know how to approach your customers using the right tools, networks, and expertise to promote your app. When you implement new strategies for your mobile app marketing, it might not work sometimes. It is better to hire an agency that can hire design strategies that work than wasting time to find the best marketing strategy on your own. Pulse mobile, App Marketing Agentur, On the Mob are some best mobile app marketing agencies that can help you in your mobile app promotion.  Find experienced professionals who have experience in this field to get the result you want.

  1. Use QR code

Quick Response (QR) code is a useful technology for brands to promote their app to the target customers. As the number of smartphone users is increasing nowadays, it is the best way to use QR codes to transfer any kind of information to your customers. QR code is easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone. It is easy to navigate a customer by providing them a shortcut to the app store, where they can download the app directly. 

  1. Alternative app store

Google Play Store and Apple store are two major app stores as of now. Brands mainly concentrate on promoting their mobile apps on these two app stores. But you need to know that there are other app stores that you need to focus on for better results.

App stores like GetJar, TutuApp, Appland, NexVa, 1Mobile, and Amazon App store are other popular app stores that you can use to get as many downloads as possible. When you focus on two main app stores such as Google Play and Apple store, you can also look at less competitive app stores. 

  1. Promote using demo videos

Videos are the easiest way to convey a complex message to customers. You can create demo videos using the app and post them on social media, app landing page, and on various video streaming platform. Demo videos are helpful to use an app. The demo video can be of 30-50 secs that includes the best features of your app. The human brain can process video information 6000 times faster than any other form of content. The video should be there on your website when you launch your mobile app to the app store to easily navigate your customers to use the app.

  1. Get your app reviewed

Some websites review every mobile app. Customers always like to follow organic reviews before downloading an app. Approach top websites in your niche and submit your app to get it reviewed. They will review your app by highlighting its best features. After review, they will rate your app that helps the customers understand the best qualities of your app. TechCrunch, ProductHunt, Mashable, AppAdvice, FeedMyApp, and PreApps are some popular websites you can approach to get your app approved. 

  1. Try Mobile Ads 

Mobile Ads are one of the easiest ways to attract smartphone users to your mobile app. Brands can reach their target audience to improve their brand awareness. Global brands are spending money on mobile ads by knowing their high potential for conversion. If you want to increase the recognition of your brand, then invest in mobile app marketing. You can adopt video-based ads, mobile banners, or app-based advertisements to advertise your mobile app. It is always the best idea to experiment with the type of ad you need to find out what works for you and whatnot. 

  1. Have a strong media support

When you need to advertise your mobile app, make sure to have a list of influential journalists to handle the promotions of your app. You can send every update regarding the app to publish them in various places. When you choose the type of media, be sure to find out the type of media your audience consumes. Having good media support can help you to be on the news always. It is a good idea to be active on news to keep customers reminded of your app. 

  1. Try app-install ad campaigns

An app-install ad campaign is a smart way of attracting organic traffic to your website and more app downloads. It can help you to pull more downloads within a short time, and to increase the ranking of your website on SERP. These types of ads are placed on a relevant web page to show the customers about your app. It mainly consists of the app name, short description, image, and a call to action. After you get a certain number of installs, your app’s chance of getting it featured under the top search result will be more. 


If you are new to mobile app marketing, try these tips and see how it works for you. Mobile app marketing can be different from brand to brand. You can measure the result after implementing each strategy to find out whether it works for your app or not.

This A/B testing will help you to understand what you need to expect when you market a mobile app within your target audience. When you promote the app to new mobile users, you also need to provide regular updates to your existing users to retain them within the app.

Try these mobile app marketing tips and share your opinions about how it works for your app here below.

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