Wondering About Mobile App Marketing ? Use These Tips!

The app market is constantly growing, and as of 2020, there will be 130 billion app downloads. Both IOS and Apple stores have seen a 10% growth in app downloads every year.

It is hard to make your mobile app stand out in the crowd with this competition. The expectation of mobile app users keeps increasing every year and this will give a huge responsibility for mobile apps.

If you can create an outstanding mobile app to help customers, the next stage will be designing an app promotion strategy.

You don’t have to spend so much money to promote your mobile app within your target audience. There are free as well as paid options to promote your mobile app. If you are a starter and don’t want to spend much money on app promotion, this guide can help you.

Here are some proven mobile marketing app tips to make your app more reachable. 

  1. Optimize your mobile app for better reach

You can optimize your mobile app using relevant keywords to achieve better visibility on app stores. 53% of app searches happen in the Google play store, and 47% fall on the Apple play store. App store optimization an essential app marketing strategy to improve the discoverability of your mobile app.  Use any keyword planning tool to learn more about the keywords that can rank your app better on the SERP in your niche. You can keep these points in your mind while optimizing your mobile app

  • Choose the right app name
  • Write compelling app description 
  • Include keywords that can rank better
  • Use attractive screenshots and demo video
  1. Create a landing page with all relevant information

A compelling app landing page is useful for the better discoverability of your mobile app. You need a website to store all relevant information regarding apps. It is something that your potential app users see the first time when they visit your website. You can use the app landing page to communicate with your customers. Add app features, information, any questions related to your app, demo videos, and customer testimonials for better marketing. Adding all these elements to the landing page can boost the credibility of your app. It will also help to increase its search engine visibility. While creating a landing page, you can 

  • Send personalized offers to ensure pre-launch testing
  • Provide better offers and discounts to ensure maximum participation
  • Add impressive elements like logos, features, videos, and reviews about your app
  1. Include user-generated reviews for better credibility

Reviews and testimonials play a crucial role in building trust among the audience. 90% of customers check reviews about an app before downloading. Genuine user-generated reviews are more trustable and effective to promote your app better in the app store. Google also values products with good reviews and testimonials while ranking search results. Positive reviews can directly affect increasing the number of downloads for your mobile app from the app store. Also, you need to reply to these reviews to ensure that you value their feedback. There are review sites you can consider to promote reviewing sites such as G2Crowd, Capterra, and Serchen for better efficiency. 

  1. Use unique contents for app promotion

You can create unique content for your mobile app promotion. Content marketing will help to create a better online presence for your mobile app. Also, content creation will help a brand to bring more organic traffic to your website and improve brand awareness. Great content with a lot of information that can be useful to your app users will take your app promotion to a different level. Customers will have questions regarding the apps they use. If they can find answers to their questions through your content, then you are successful in promoting your mobile app.

  1. Social media cannot be neglected

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help to grow your mobile app reach. We cannot complete any app marketing without using social media promotion. Create social media pages for your mobile app and attract your brand followers to your social media page. 80% of smartphone users are now active on social media platforms. You can use social media to connect with the audience and publish every update regarding your mobile app. Posting on social media platforms regularly can help your app to get the recognition you want among social media users. You can find out the social media channel that your audience is active on and post regular content to keep your page updated for effective connection with them.

  1. Mobile advertising can improve your app’s reach

Most smartphone users will have to find new ways to advertise their app within their target audience. PPC campaigns are an effective strategy to promote your mobile app. Google allows brands to target their users based on the previous search of the audience. Targeting your customers can help you to get a more accurate result for your app promotion. Smartphone users always click on the top search result they see while searching for a mobile app. By spending money on advertising, you can bring your application to the top position of search result. It will help to increase the number of downloads. 

  1. Guest blogging is not outdated

While you promote mobile app guest blogging can save you in many ways. You can write on other websites in your niche as a guest blogger. If you can create informative and useful content for your audience, most websites will publish your content. This way you can introduce your mobile app to a new group of audience who can be your potential app users. Write technology blogs related to your mobile app to publish it to the group of audience who are interested in it. Include your app to various stores in the author’s bio area to help the audience easily reach you. It will help to create a better follower base and thereby increase app download.

  1. Create demo videos to educate the audience

Video marketing is in high demand with the rise in the number of smartphone users. As a mobile app marketer, you can make use of this trend and create demo videos of your app. Record how to use your mobile app to navigate your app users. People always prefer to watch videos rather than reading a user manual nowadays. Videos are also useful to explain things simply and engagingly. The best way for a brand to educate their customers about the usage of the mobile app is through demo videos of 60 secs. Post demo videos on your app’s landing page, social media channels, video publishing platforms, and app page on the play store. People always check the details on the app landing page before downloading the app. With a demo video, you can easily impress someone to download the app and use it easily. 

  1. App marketing agencies can help you out

Some qualified professionals can help you in creating app marketing strategies. App marketing agencies will have thorough knowledge about current marketing trends and technologies to implement in your app marketing strategy for better ROI. They hire experts from various fields of marketing to execute these projects. There are popular app marketing agencies like Appshire.me, Appency, and Appular to assist you in mobile app marketing. When you spend money on these agencies, they will guarantee a better return on your investments also. 

  1. Team up with popular influencers in your niche

You can work with micro-influencers or tech enthusiasts to promote your mobile app on social media channels. They are influential people with a lot of followers who admire them for what they do. All their followers will trust them as they will give genuine opinions about a product/service. Use their influence to promote your mobile app and get introduced to a new set of audiences. You can share all information about your app and request them to promote the app. Give some reward in return for what they do for your app promotion. They might post a review about your app on their social media page to encourage their followers to download the app. 

  1. Use referral marketing

Most people agree that they trust referrals from their friends and family when it comes to a mobile app. You can include referral codes within your mobile app that can share across various platforms. Give your app users a chance to be your app advocates. Give them proper rewards for each download you get through their referrals. You can also add a strong call to action to compel them to take any action when they see this message. This way you can encourage your existing app users to work for your app promotion and thereby increase the number of app downloads. 

  1. Use product hunt to get more popularity for your app

A product hunt is used to promote a product. You can post your mobile app on product hunt and gives a lot of exposure to your app. Product Hunt is a platform full of app enthusiasts. It is a reliable source of potential leads for a mobile app that can impress the audience. They will list the top 3 products every day, and if your app can get a place here, it is beneficial to increase the number of downloads. 

  1. Use app directories

You can promote your mobile app by listing it on any local app directories. App directories contain an enormous database of mobile apps from various niches. People who search for apps in your category will pop up. It is also the best way to get visibility among people who are not active on social media platforms. There are app directories like Appchatter, Pre app, Androidappblog, and so on. You can list your app on as many directories as possible to get discovered by your potential users. 

  1. Develop a PR strategy 

Media can help to ensure a better online presence for your mobile app. You can have good contact with influential journalists who can write articles based on your mobile app. Share useful information about your app with these journalists and ask them to write about your app. You can concentrate on popular blogs in your niche, online magazines, specialized content platforms, and company websites to publish about your app. They can also help your app to stay active online and get the attention of your target audience. If they can impress the audience with an excellent public image, it will automatically increase app downloads.

  1. Track your results

After implementing all these app marketing tips, the last thing you can do is to track your result. If you can achieve a great outcome out of these strategies, then no need to change anything until you see a drop in the number of downloads. If you cannot achieve a satisfying result,  try to make slight changes to your current strategies and implement them for better results. There are tools that you can use to track the performance of your mobile app marketing strategies. Apple Analytics, Mixpanel, Firebase, Localytics, and UXCam are few useful tools for you to do that. A/B testing is always an effective way to optimize your app marketing strategies and come up with the one that can work wonders on increasing the number of downloads.

Final words

Mobile app marketing is a never-ending process. You cannot reach a stage where you can relax without proper marketing strategies for your app promotion. Try implementing the above marketing strategies and see how it works for your app promotion. You can track the people interested in your mobile app and plan a promotional campaign for better results. Always start with a small group of audience and see how it works for you. If you can see the expected result, you want then expand your plans and apply them to a larger audience. If you know any additional app marketing tips listed above, share your app marketing experience if our readers here.

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