Top Priorities for Implementing Mobile App Marketing Successfully

It is not easy to market your mobile app, as the number of mobile apps increased during the past few years. Your app can easily get lost in 4.5 million android and IOS apps. A robust mobile app marketing strategy is essential to make your mobile app stand out in the crowd. It is a challenging task to attract new users to a mobile app.

All popular apps have worked hard, do research, planning, and practical strategies to make the mobile application successful. Marketers need to know the current trends and changes in the industry to design proper marketing strategies. Customers use at least ten apps a day, and they will uninstall the apps they don’t use regularly.

Other than attracting new app users, you have to retain your existing customers. You can do this by improving your app features and by providing regular updates. Here are some successful mobile app marketing strategies that you can implement to see an immense change in your mobile app visibility and the number of app downloads. 

Know your audience

Defining the target audience is the primary step of every marketing strategy. A brand needs to know its target audience to design effective mobile app marketing strategies. There are few ways to discover the audience you need to target while developing marketing campaigns for your app promotion. The best way to do that is by researching the apps in your niche. You can download apps in your niche to see how they are engaging their customers. Also, read the reviews about the app to understand the expectation of the audience from the app. You can also read blogs and various Q&A forums to see the case studies and discussions in your area. After researching well, you will be able to define a buyers persona with all essential details like

  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Hometown
  • Job
  • Favorite activity
  • Online availability

By writing down these details, you will get a clear picture of your target customers. Now the next step is to find out the best way to interact with them. You can go back to your persona to know the best way to interact with your customers.

Mobile-ready website

If you are thinking about the number of apps from the app store, you will be amazed to know the number of mobile-ready websites. There are 1.8 billion websites all over the world. You need a mobile-ready website even though you are planning to create an app to market your product and service. You need a website to let the customers know about various features of the product and service. An entertaining website with a compelling CTA can have the potential to improve your conversion rate. Mobile users will always use their mobile devices to search for anything they want, and you can use attractive mobile sites to promote your app and improve its reach within mobile phone users.

App store optimization

App Store contains billions of app, and it is not easy to get the visibility you want without optimizing it for search engines. App store optimization can improve the visibility of your app on the App store. Also, it helps to increase the number of organic traffic at the same time. When you create the description of your app, then include relevant keywords that can help to rank your app better. Also, when you name your app, make it unique so that you will get a chance to attract your customers. Include attractive images, thumbnails, screenshots and description that lets your customers attract to your app. You can also choose a suitable category for your app so that customers can find it from the right place without any difficulty.

Spread your app through social media

Mobile apps are useful to create a convenient marketing option for your customers. Social media is a powerful tool for marketers to improve their brand reach. They can publish any updates regarding their brand, such as new products, new app introductions, etc. The ultimate aim of app marketing is to increase the number of downloads. A new app can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make entry to the market. Create a buzz on social media before launching your app to create better brand awareness and increase the conversion rate. You need to design an effective marketing plan to engage the audience and distribute your app to prospective mobile app users. Here are some social media strategies to promote your app on social media.

  • Use a relevant hashtag to ensure better reach within your audience. 
  • Post regularly on your social media pages to engage your audience 
  • Use influencers to promote your app and write reviews about it
  • Run contents, quiz, and giveaways for better engagement

Use promo videos

Video marketing is an effective way to entertain and educate your customers. Apps can create demo videos that can help the customers to use them without any difficulty. The human brain can simply process visual content. So brands need to create video contents that can boost their conversion rates and sales. Brands can publish these videos on YouTube, social media channels, website landing page, app preview, and so on. Creating demo videos can bring benefits like

  • Better conversion
  • Boosts ROI
  • Build trust and credibility
  • More social shares
  • Educate customers

User Reviews

Testimonials and user reviews are useful to improve the credibility of a brand. Genuine customer reviews can help all users to understand the benefits and features of the app. Also, you will know how to make their shopping experience better from their reviews. You need to encourage customers to write about their experience of using the app. When new users come to download the app, they will always check the reviews about the app. Positive reviews can boost the credibility of a brand within the target audience. It can also increase the number of downloads automatically. Benefits of customer reviews include

  • Increase the visibility of the application
  • Better credibility, engagement, and loyalty
  • More downloads
  • Chance to get featured in the mobile app marketplace

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a better way to convince the audience to try out your mobile app. You can find out influencers from your niche who can turn the customers buying decisions through their words. The influencers should be someone who can work with you to achieve your brand’s mission. You need to genuinely convey your brand message to influencers to promote your brand. Customers already know that these influencers are getting some benefits when they promote your brand. So, try to be genuine and let them know why your app is better compared to other apps. Good promotions can help your brand to build a better customer base. You can offer some discounts and benefits for promoting your brand app on social media. 

Feature your app on emails

Brands need to spend a lot of emails to communicate with their customers. It could be tech support, newsletters, payment confirmation, order follow up and all. You can include the description of your app within your email. 90% of customers check their emails daily, and brands can make use of this chance to promote their mobile app. The best position to include the app details is on the footer of the page. You also can add a link to the app page within your email. If anyone wants to download the app, they can click on the link and install it without much search.  

Try paid advertisements

Another way to get maximum visibility from the target audience is by paid advertisement. There are many ways to promote your app and get a better result, such as

Social media advertisement-: There are more than 2.5 million social media users all over the world. The best way to improve your brand reach is to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Paid ads on search engine-: You can use paid ads to get your app listed on the top of the search engine result page. It will help you to get more website traffic and increase the number of downloads.

In-app ads-: You can promote your app with in-app ads. Most mobile users spend their mobile searching time by checking the mobile apps. When someone uses an app, they will see your advertisements and click on it to see more details.

Display ads-: Display ads are the traditional form of advertisement to improve the conversion rate of your mobile app. 

Native ads-: Native ads have more conversion rate compared to display ads. Native ads have more chance of providing you a better result.

Build a better landing page

The landing page of the app is a great way to attract an audience towards the mobile app. The mobile app landing page is something that user sees when they open your mobile app. Brands can design attractive mobile app landing page by including its features and value proposition to convince customers to click on it and install. You can keep your app landing page simple and attractive with beautiful images, screenshots, descriptions, features, and a strong CTA. Include a social sharing button on your landing page that can improve the sharability of your mobile app. Customers will share their favorite app on social media platforms and recommend others to try using it. 

Optimized description

Description of an app includes 2 -3 lines that clearly describes the app functionality. You need to optimize this description part with relevant keywords to get a better result. Without search engine optimization, nobody will see the app among thousands of your competitors. Customers will read this description before downloading the app. You can impress them by creating relevant information that helps app users understand the functionality of it. Check the keywords that can rank your content better and include them appropriately within your content. 

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to attract more new app users to your brand. You can write on other popular blogs in your niche to interact with a new set of audiences and gain better credibility among them. Guest blogging is not that popular in mobile app marketing. But one thing you can do is to write about a relevant topic and add your app link to the blog to download it from there easily. People who read your blog can download it directly from there without searching anywhere else. It will increase the number of downloads and credibility of your app within the new audience. 

Track your result

Analyzing your marketing performance can help your brand to create effective strategies. There are various analytics tools for you to measure the success of your marketing app strategies. If the result is not as expected, brands need to redesign their marketing strategy for better ROI. From your analytics result, you will get a clear idea of what marketing strategy works and what doesn’t work for your mobile app. This trial and error are only possible if you track your strategy performance, and making small changes to your strategy may help you to bring better results. There are many marketing analytics tools that you can use to measure the success of your mobile app marketing strategy are Google analytics, apple analytics, App Dynamics, and Mixpanel.


Mobile app marketing is an evolving field. Many strategies can help you to achieve better marketing results. These are some top marketing strategies that can help to get more downloads for your mobile apps. When you finish the app development, only half of your job is completed.

The next half will be the marketing part of the app. By knowing the customer-base, a brand can easily create new strategies that can impress them. After implementing each mobile app marketing strategy, be sure to check the results to tell what worked and whatnot. Follow these steps and see how it can help you to bring a better marketing result.

If you are an experienced mobile app marketer, share your app marketing experience with our audience here. 

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