Raise Your Mobile App Marketing Skills With One Of These Tips!

There are 4 million apps available in the Google Play store and Apple store as of now. Users can easily do their shopping by using apps from various niches. As the number of apps got increased, marketers need to find new ways to make their app more visible in the app store. To do that, they need to spend time on creating cool marketing strategies specific to their mobile app.

There are various ways to improve the reach of your mobile app. But it varies from brand to brand. When you publish your app, there can be competitions. Without proper promotions, there is no point in publishing an excellent mobile app.  These strategies will help brands to gain more visibility so that more customers can find your app easily for their use.

It is a guide that can help you to make your mobile app marketing success. 

  1. Research your audience

It is essential to know the type of audience to promote your business. Research your audience and find out the type of customers you need to target while promoting your business. Know your demographics to create effective marketing strategies. Know their age, common interest, habits, and lifestyle to design your marketing strategies well. There is no point in promoting your mobile app to an audience who don’t have any interest in your business. Once after knowing your target customers, try to invest your time in designing marketing strategies that can impress them. 

  1. Create a mobile-optimized website 

You need to create a website for your mobile app. Most people use their mobile phones to search for something. So, you need to have a mobile-optimized website for your app. You need to have a fully functional website to put all information about your mobile app. Include features, screenshots, demo videos, and other relevant information that can help customers to understand your app. Make your website suitable for mobile devices as well as desktops. It is the best way to convince your customers about the importance of your app. A mobile-optimized website is the best way to collect contact information and leads about your customers. this information is useful to promote your app effectively within your target audience. 

  1. Catchy app icon

While designing an app, you need to ensure to spend time on creating a catchy icon. You can drive customers with visual cues. A customer will see the app icon first thing when they check your app. If it is not catchy enough, they will go for another app in your niche. When you design the mobile app icon, choose one that can give a great idea to the users of what they are going to get while downloading the mobile app. It is something you can offer to provide the first impression of your app. Take your time to find an app icon design that can make it appealing.  It should be eye-catchy and should be able to reflect the brand’s identity.  

  1. App store optimization

You might have heard of search engine optimization if you are into digital marketing. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization is something that helps a brand to stand out from the competition. If you are checking an app from a particular niche, you may find thousands of similar apps. How can you make your app stand out among these competitor apps? It is where app store optimization plays a crucial role. App store optimization is the process of adjusting certain factors in the mobile app description to get a better reach. Various factors include relevant keywords, categories, reviews, social proof, app use, etc. Optimize these factors of your app to get maximum visibility for your mobile app.  

  1. Post mobile contents

When you want to stay active online, it is essential to post contents online. If you need to make your brand active and popular, start to create content regarding your brand. It could be anything like blogs, social media posts, demo videos, how-to videos, or any similar information that can help your customers to understand more about your app. Post these contents on various digital marketing channels to have a constant online presence. Create useful and informative content and optimize it for the search engine to get better online visibility for your content. When your business starts to improve its online presence, this will increase the credibility of your mobile app and thereby more downloads. 

  1. Demo video

Video marketing cannot be ignored when it comes to mobile app marketing. Customers nowadays prefer clear visualization of using an app rather than reading the description. Nobody has the patience to read the information about an app before they download it. They will check for the video that shows the basic features and functionalities of the app. Create small videos of 30 secs about the way to use your app with the best features available. After creating demo videos of your app, publish them on various video-sharing platforms and share them on social media to improve its reach. As the video gets more visibility, the number of downloads will also increase for your mobile app.

  1. Promote your app on social media

More than 3.5 million social media users all over the world. So, brands cannot ignore social media when it comes to app promotion. More than 70% of brands are using social media to promote their brand. When you analyze the target audience, know the social media sites, apps and platforms spend most of their time. Create social media campaigns using hashtags and spend your mobile app advertisement on your brand page. Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms where you can concentrate while promoting your app. Most customers agree to the fact that they will recommend their favorite app to their friends and family. Use your existing customers as your brand advocates to promote your mobile app among new prospects. 

  1. In-app promotions

You can also use mobile-specific channels to promote your business. There are in-app messages and push notifications that can be useful to promote your mobile app to the right set of audience. Customize these notifications as per the nature of the customers to get more effective results. You can also encourage your existing customers to share your app with their friends on social media. User-generated contents and campaigns are more effective than any advertisements to get more downloads for your app. In-app promotions and messages are effective to get maximum return on your investment and thereby more downloads. 

  1. Drive user-generated reviews

Reviews are useful in promoting your mobile app. Customers will read reviews before downloading an app. User-generated reviews are considered as one of the most valuable marketing strategies for product promotion. Brands can include user-generated reviews and customer testimonials on their website to attract new app users. It is also a good idea to add app reviews on Google and the Apple store. These reviews can help customers can read those reviews before downloading the app. You can encourage your existing customers to create reviews for your mobile app and provide them some rewards in return. These reviews and testimonials are also great for better online credibility for your mobile app. 

  1. Get your app reviewed

In order to improve the reach of your mobile app, the best thing you can do is to get your app reviewed. There are technical websites that review mobile apps from their niche. If you can find one of these sites with more followers, reach out to them to publish an app review for your app promotion. Customers always prefer to follow expert opinion when it comes to using a product. Mobile apps are just like any other product. Expert reviews and ratings can make a good impact on the number of downloads of a mobile app. These websites create detailed blogs regarding the features and benefits of your mobile app. This detailed analysis will help a customer to understand the functionalities and advantages of using your mobile app.   Popular mobile app review sites are

  • TechCrunch
  • FeedMyApp
  • ProductHunt
  • Mashable
  • AppStorm
  1. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular marketing strategy that can help your mobile app to get higher outcomes. When influencer speaks about your mobile app to their followers,  they will download the app and its popularity increases. While choosing the influencers, be sure to pick the right person who has your target audience as their followers. They should be genuinely promoting for you and in return give some sort of rewards or offers for them. Brands can approach social media influencers in their niche for product/ app promotion. They will do their research and act as your brand advocates to promote the app to their followers. 

  1. Improve app shareability 

When you promote your mobile app, it is essential to enable social sharing options. Your existing app users can easily share it with their family and friends by incorporating this feature into your mobile app marketing strategy. You can add social share buttons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp icons to your mobile app to improve its shareability. Nowadays, customers trust recommendations from their friends and family than downloading an unknown app. So, include social media icons within your app’s landing page and your webpage. It can help your audience to share your mobile app within their contacts. 

  1. Retargeting

Brands need to consider retargeting their existing customers to use their mobile app. It is essential to make your current customers retain them by implementing proper marketing strategies. You can send customized offers and promotions for your customers to make them happy and stay within your app. It can be done based on their previous search on your mobile app. There are technologies brands can use to track the browsing nature of your customer. Based on this result, brands can provide them customized shopping suggestions. Brands can send these suggestions to various platforms they visit, and this can improve the ROI of a brand. 

  1. Use email marketing

Email marketing is still considered one of the most effective forms of marketing. More than 80% of smartphone users check their emails every day. 75% of customers like to receive messages from their favorite brand. When a brand sends messages to its customers, it can include your mobile app advertising in the email. When customers see your app information in your marketing mail, they are more likely to download the app. This way, brands can hold better credibility among the customers by sending highly actionable marketing emails.  Use email marketing to promote your brand offers and app within your targeted audience and see the increase in your app downloads. 

  1. Monitor app performance

Use a proper app analytics tool to track the performance of your mobile app. App marketing will not be over once you publish the app on any app store. You may have to invest time in designing new app marketing strategies to attract your target audience to download your mobile app. Once after implementing these strategies you may have to track the performance of your campaigns to analyze the result. If you can achieve the result you want by running these campaigns then consider your effort as successful. If your strategies are not working then you may have to redesign and implement new marketing strategies to make your campaign successful. 


Mobile app marketing is not a one-time process. Once after getting the number of downloads you want, a marketer cannot stop creating mobile app marketing strategies. They need to develop ways to retain their existing app users and to provide them good quality service. If you need to maintain the current customers, then provide timely updates and offers.

Mobile app marketing will help your app to get more visibility and as many downloads as possible. You can try new strategies to see what works and whatnot for your mobile app promotion. Use the above marketing tips to promote your mobile app and share your experience with us here.

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